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Texas Cyclocross Project is a 501(c)(3) non-profit youth cycling outreach program that collaborates with communities, parents, sponsors, and other stakeholders to transform and empower youth between ages of 4-18 through cycling. By providing free cyclocross clinics, training sessions, and opportunities to compete between October and December, we foster Confidence, Competence, and Character in the next generation of cyclists. We strive to develop volunteerism, good sportsmanship, positive attitude, and teamwork among all participants.

Whether the participant is a first time cyclist or returning racer, we provide opportunities for continued development. Competition is not required; however, we value the experience and do integrate selected amateur competitive events during the fall racing season for those participants so inclined.  Our Volunteer Ambassadors at various clinic locations facilitate the learning environment and teach participants everything they need to know.

Our Ambassadors are experienced and patient. They lead our program and ensure the participants learn in a non-intimidating environment!

Our Mission is to…

  • Grow the activity and sport of cycling by developing the next generation of recreational and competitive cyclists.
  • Support Youth and Junior cyclists individual development with a focus on Confidence, Competence, and Character.
  • Promote a lifestyle of exercise and fitness to build a healthy environment for families.

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